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Valuing others

Relationships are very important to children and young people. We all experience different types of relationships throughout our lives from those with our parents, family and friends to sexual relationships. It helps them feel good about themselves, learn to deal with people and develop their own identity, as well as helping them learn about the values and ideas of others.

It is important to teach your child the importance of family and to appreciate them.

Let them know you will always be there for them and remember that children need to feel secure, loved and valued - this is the basis of self-esteem and confidence. Your relationship will change over the years as they grow up.

Belonging to a group and fitting in is very important, they may be part of a group because their friends are. Problems or friendship break-ups are a big deal to them.

Let them know that you are there for them and show them how to trust their own feelings and values, this will help them in later life.

Young people

You may feel worried about the effect certain friends are having on your child. Peer pressure may mean they are doing things they don’t really want to just because everyone else is. What others think of them is really important right now. Let them know they can talk to you and that you will listen. Encourage them to trust their own feelings and values, building up an emotional strength that will help them as they get older.


My daughter is 12, she has had an argument with her best friend.


Her best friend is really important to her and offers her support and companionship.


Take her feelings seriously and be there for her. Suggest ways she can make up with her friend.